A list of the best beaches in Turkey

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The following is a list of the best beaches in Turkey. Whichever one you choose in this paradise country that is Turkey will undoubtedly satisfy…



Selected by the Sunday Times as the Best Beach in the world, the 15 kilometer-long beach is the Mediterranean’s longest. A true wonder of nature, Patara beach is surrounded by historical relics. You will not see floating sea beds or any other such toys, nor will you find noisy venues along the beach as Patara, which is situated close to Fethiye, is truly a site to be captivated from and to relax in.



With a sea the color of turquoise and a bustling beach, the Dead Sea otherwise known as Ölüdeniz is also a favorite, especially when it comes to transportation and accommodation options. The Dead Sea is also surrounded by a number of vacation resort towns including Ovacık and Hisarönü. Activities such as water skiing and surfing are widely available as is paragliding off of Babadağ to glide over the sea. Both star-resorts as well as camping options for students are widely available. Scuba is also a very popular past-time at this lively beach.



An ideal location for a peaceful and humble vacation… Butterfly Valley, which in Turkish is Kelebekler Vadisi, is only accessible from the sea, is home to dozens of varieties of butterflies and is a wonderful location for those who enjoy camping. You can sunbathe all day long, swim in the sea or relax in hammocks under swaying palm trees. It is also possible to rock climb and hike in the valley behind the beach. An enjoyable walk to the waterfall where the butterflies are could be an opportunity to introduce you to the wonders of nature.



The Iztuzu beach referred to in English as Turtle Beach, is the home of caretta carettas and is only accessible from the sea. This beach, which is one of the last remaining habitats in Europe for these rare types of turtles, is under protection. The warm brownish sand is especially relaxing. Iztuzu is reachable by a 20-minute boat journey from Dalyan. Tips Mersin Escort




Fethiye’s Çalış Beach is especially famous for its touristic facilities and water sports. If you are going on a family vacation, then Çalış is ideal. You can enjoy the summer and sun on the two kilometer-long beach.



With its Tusan, Akyar, Otuzbir, Kadınlar Denizi, Aslanburnu, Karaova, Güzelçamlı, Kalamaki, İlyas Ağa, Dipburun and Tavşanburnu beaches, Kuşadası has a 20 kilometer-long shore that is mesmerizing. It may not be as popular now as it once was, however it is remains to be a favorite spot for some. Kadınlar Denizi is Kuşadası’s most well-known beach and is located in the southern part of the city. The strip behind the beach offers a number of spots to eat and drink and it is also possible to rent sun beds on the beach.



Marmaris’ famous İçmeler district, steals hearts with its beach. Even though the sandy beach may not be wide, İçmeler is a favorite for its vacation options and wide range of facilities. Reachable by a ten-minute minibus ride from Marmaris, if you enjoy water sports such as water skiing and diving, then İçmeler is the place for you. İçmeler is also calmer and quiet compared to nearby Marmaris.



Alanya’s historical beach is stated to have given the famous Cleopatra her beauty. Cleopatra Beach is situated in the western portion of the Alanya peninsula and is a preferred destination due to its beautiful and wide sandy beach. In the summer months you can a hear variety of languages spoken just as frequently as you hear Turkish.



Side is the host to nine blue-flagged beaches, Titreyen Göl, Side 1 and Side 2, Sorgun and Sorgun 2, Side Public Beach, Club Ali Bey, Sol Kamelya and Köymeydanı Beach. Titreyengöl is a 3,000 m2 area which has 22 different facilities and a capacity for 18,000 beds. Titreyengöl is also the home to the cormorant Peking duck as well as a number of other bird species.

Side is smaller and quainter then other Mediterranean vacation spots and is a favorite for its natural beauty. In addition to visiting historical sites, it is also the ideal spot to enjoy sunbathing and swimming in crystal clear waters.


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