Bellagio: the other $10k white meat Sihoki Slot

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“A change will do you good” was playing as I put my laptop away on the patio of the Fontana lounge tonight. The Sheryl Crow song was very descriptive of my feelings. I felt as though I had somehow taken a vacation since hauling my jaded body down the long Rio corridors for the last time yesterday.
Obviously any person with a laptop, with Sihoki Slot updates, would have been popular(no I didn’t put a ” This is not an information booth.” sign up) but as usual I was invited to have a complimentary buffet with the players when play closed for the day around 9pm.
Michael Mizrachi 142k
Men Nguyen 141k
Dale Morrow 115k
John Juanda 104k
Scott Fischman 101k
Tor Iverson 99k
Mike Landers 97k
Darrell Dicken 97k
Lars Alshamn 95k
Tony Ma 90k
James Van Alstyne 85k
Rob Roseman loves his Double Blendeds
I would have a agree with Jennifer Browning in the fact that Rob does like his double blended coffee Frappacinos and they seem to be doing him good… He really has developed as a talented and strong player over the last week. I’ve been following him and my friend amy for the entire WSOP. Amy didn’t make it past the first day (she did a great job though), but Rob has really blown everyone away. There are also a number of other great players that I have my eyes on … but I have my bets on Rob…
Bellagio Night Live II
A few more players who must have been in the main room: James Van Alstyne, Stan Jablonski, Brad Kondracki, Carmel Petresco, Shawn Rice, Johan Storakers, Erik Seidel, Jimmy Tran, Eric Froelich, and Ian Woodley.
James Van Alstyne 70k, Men Nguyen 75k and Jimmy Tran 78k are in the top six.
Out: Mark Cole, Barry Greenstein, Chip Jett, Scotty Nguyen, Stuart Donator, Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer Tilly, Thomas Wahlroos(he bounced), and David Williams.
Bellagio Night Live
A few more names have apppeared from their starting tables in the poker room. Daniel Alaei, Sarah Bilney, Bob Bright, Allen Kessler, Ted Lawson,Michael+Robert Mizrachi, Men Nguyen, Roland de Woolf, Praz, Arnold Spee, Mike Sica, Lasse Ubostad.
The prize pool has been announced. The winner will receive $957780. 50 players will be in the money, 41st- 50th receiving $12430.
Gavin Smith and Michael Mizrachi are both over 100k in chips now.
PartyPoker player Scott O’Reilly has been out on the patio with me. He didn’t feel like playing today. We talked about Torquay, his hometown, one of the most scenic towns in England.He checked on the soccer scores and the final 27 from the Rio. He has no regrets, he probably got his dream result.
Play continues for another hour.


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