Email Marketing Power: 49 Email Marketing Secrets That Will Jump-Start Your Business And Produce Dramatic Results

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Email marketing is the oldest and best form of social media. As Chris Brogan has wisely said, your inbox is the hottest social network. And dispite rumors of it’s demise, email marketing is adding massive value to the small businesses that use it well. In this simple to follow marketing guide you’ll learn 49 marketing secrets that will help jump-start your business. Maybe you know some of these tactics – but you probably don’t know all 49. Written for marketers by marketers, this book is not a technical manuel on how to send email. It is a marketing guidebook filled with marketing tips and strategies. Start your email marketing journey today!
50 Ways To Build Your Email Marketing List
Tested list-building strategies for authors & artists, solo professionals and small businesses
Need to build a platform? Get more clients? Make more sales? Then you need a list. You can generate all the business you’ll ever need with just an email list and a $20 a month email account.
Remember: Google can slash your search engine rankings. Facebook can suspend your account. But no one can take away your email list.
Learn tested techniques for growing your email list through these six strategies:
Optimize the opt-in box
Use social media
Leverage other websites and search
Use offline marketing
Create great emails
Minimize unsubscribes
The Money’s in the List
Despite all the talk about social media, the money is still in the list. It always will be. Email marketing continues to have dramatically better ROI than any other marketing channel.
Tested Ways to Attract Engaged Subscribers
All the techniques included in the book are proven. They are backed up with stats, referenced to websites. These techniques aren’t sleazy, sneaky, or designed to con people into getting on your list. They attract quality, engaged subscribers. That’s because while you do want a larger list, what you really want is a larger engaged list.
Email is Still the Killer App
Email still delivers over $40 for every dollar spent, and it is used constantly by billions of people. Your email marketing program can and should be the thread that ties all your other marketing together.
WordPress Business Success: Behind the Scenes with 14 Thriving WordPress Focused Businesses
New clients? Consistent income? Happy customers? However you define success for your WordPress business, this book will inspire you, help you ask the right questions and ultimately move you closer to the business you want.
There are two aspects to the book. The core is based around a set of fascinating and insightful interviews with 14 highly successful businesses in the WordPress ecosystem. Then we examine the similarities and differences between them and the trends that appeared in their answers.
You’ll see how these businesses started (50% of them all started in the exact same way), the challenges they overcame, the lessons they learned and you’ll discover the secrets of what helped them most towards their success (36% of them said the same thing).
They each offer useful advice, and armed with this knowledge you’ll learn the basics that make up a successful WordPress business.
The 14 companies were in a variety of categories including:
Web Development Agencies
WP Plugin Businesses
Website Optimization and SEO Businesses
WordPress Education Companies
Website Maintenance Tool Businesses
WP Theme Companies
Specialized WP Hosting
Security Businesses
Some have operated for a long time and over the course of their journey they’ve changed the face of the WordPress ecosystem. Others are fairly new, yet are still changing the way our space works. Each of them has an interesting story that will inspire you to become more successful in your own business.
Whether you have a freelance business working on client websites, or a home-based business creating plugins or themes, this book will show you what it takes to create a successful WordPress Busines, and give you the inspiration to grow your own.
Join us for an in-depth look at 14 WordPress success stories and then step into the world of WordPress Business Success.
Who This Book Is For
Freelance business: Freelance web designers or developers
Home-based business: WordPress plugin or theme authors
WordPress agencies: Freelancers looking to start their own web agency.
What people are saying about WordPress Business Success
“Karen and Steven Dimmick interviewed some of the top WordPress entrepreneurs and gleaned their wisdom. WordPress Business Success is the culmination of that work, and the lessons contained within are invaluable for anyone looking to work in the WordPress space.”
– David Laietta
WordPress Consultant & Developer
“Karen and Steve have extracted secrets from the experts to create the only blueprint you need for launching your own successful WordPress business. Don’t waste any more time making mistakes, learn direct from the pros. This book will become your ‘Go To’ bible; it’s a keeper!”
Box Set for Your Success (5 in 1): Persuade People, Master Your Emotions and Communicate Effectively
Get FIVE books for your success for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:
The Art of Persuasion
The Power of Emotional Intelligence
Psychology of Persuasion
Living Loud Through Body Language
The Art of Emotional Intelligence
In The Art of Persuasion , you’ll learn How to Captivate and Persuade People
In The Power of Emotional Intelligence , you’ll learn Mastering and Developing Your Emotions and Improving Your Social Skills
In Psychology of Persuasion , you’ll learn how to Unleash the Power of Influencing People, Gaining Confidence, Mastering Communication and Becoming a Leader
In Living Loud Through Body Language , you’ll learn about Actions That Speak Louder Than Words to Effectively Communicate and Persuade Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Company UK

In The Art of Emotional Intelligence , you’ll learn How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in order to Hone Leadership Skills and Improve Communication


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