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One of the bigger buy-in tournaments, the $10,000+300 HORSE Championship took place this past Saturday. As is the case for most HOSRE events, many of the world’s top poker professional were on hand to display their mastery of five different poker games.
For those unaware, HORSE is an acronym for five fixed-limit poker games
Standard Texas Hold’em, where players are dealt two down cards and 5 community cards
O=Omaha Hi/Lo
A split pot Omaha game awarding half of the pot to the best high-hand and the other half to the best low-hand. A “lo” is any 5 differnt cards, 8 or lower, with the Ace counting for both the high and low.
A Stud game where the key is to make the worst 5-card hand possible, the nuts being A-2-3-4-5. Straights and flushes do not count against a player, and the Ace is the lowest card in the deck. A round of betting occurs after 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th street.
Standard 7 Card Stud, players are dealt 2 down cards, then 4 “up” cards, and then one final down card. Betting structure is the same as Razz.
E=7-Card-Stud Hi/Lo
A split pot Stud game awarding half of the pot to the best high-hand and the other half to the best low-hand. A “lo” is any 5 differnt cards, 8 or lower, with the Ace counting for both the high and low. Betting structure is the same as Razz and 7-Card-Stud.
Each table plays 8-handed and the games are moved through this rotation based on time/blind levels.
The tournament attracted only 125 participants, which easily surpassed the $500,000 guarantee and created a prizepool of $1,250,000 with $287,500 going to the winner.
Per usual in a WCOOP event, there were many toto hk pros on hand. Andre “aakkari” Akkari, Humberto “Humberto B” Brenes, Lee “LeeNelsonP*” Nelson, and most notably, Joseph “JoeHachem”Hachem and Greg “Fossilman”Raymen, two past WSOP Main Event Champions were on hand. There was also a large turnout from the online pro contingent. Steve “MrSmokey1″ Billirakis, “djk123″, “Empire2000″, and “THAY3R” were some of the notable high-stakes MTT and Cash game players who made deep runs in the small field. FTP Pro Pearljammer, and MTT-Pro Andy McLEOD were on hand, but neither finished in the money.
A few big names would fall wayside just before the last 8 players reached the final table. Humberto Brenes, MrSmokey1, and Empire2000 would go out in 13th, 12th, and 10 respectively. Billirakis, at a very young age, has already won a WSOP-bracelet in a Mixed-Hold’em event. Empire2000 is one of the most notable online cash game grinders, typically playing $10/$20NL and higher. Brenes, who is known for his antics at the live table, must not have been able to get into his opponent’s heads as easily in an online tournament. There has been no report as to if he was seen holding a small rubber shark and slamming it into his computer screen.
Once the final table was set, it was time for 8 players to vie for $287,500 and the WCOOP Bracelet. This is how the chip stacks looked entering the final table:
1. aakkari 617,843
2. djk123 567,371
3. gipsy74 502,182
4. crazyjanie 435,921
5. DocHolatchya 373,246
6. pumped4good 235,588
7. 7CardRyon 204,951
8. pycb 187,898
PokerStars Pro aakkari held a slight chip-lead over high-stakes NL/PLO Cash Game specialist, djk123. Djk123 is known from playing NL Hold’em and PLO as high as $25/$50 blinds on PokerStars.
The first elimination of the night came during the often-irrating came of 7-Card Razz. The option of this game is to make the worst poker hand possible! Straights do not count against a player and the Ace is low so everyone is shooting to make the “Wheel” or A-2-3-4-5. First to go was “gypsy74″ who was short-stacked and forced to go all-in after starting with three cards to a nine, 9d6s4s. However, he was unfortunate to find himself in a tough spot against “DocHolatchya” who had three cards to a wheel, 2d5dAs. Gypsy74 would eventualy make a King-high low and it was no match for his competitor’s 8-5 low. He was knocked out in 8th place, earning $38,750.
Same game, same player, same result as DocHolatchya took out another opponent just hands later in Razz. Approriately-named “7CardRyon” was the next to go, after getting all of his money in on fifth street holding 2h7d6c4c4d against DocHolatchya who held 8d3hAd3c7s. Remember about the “irritation” or Razz? Well 7CardRyon felt it’s wrath as his board ran out TdKc against the 6d3s of DocHolatchya. Ryon held a slight lead when the money went in, but by the end of the hand he was out in 7th place, earning himself $46,875.
DocHolatchya was probably unhappy to see the game turn to 7Card-Stud after his Razz success, but he was probably ecstatic to see one of the more seasoned Pro’s, djk123, eliminated in 6th place. This time it was “crazyjanie” doing thie bidding. After 3rd street was dealt crazyjanie was in a great positon, holding AhKhKs against djk123′s 9s5sJs. The best card in the deck, the As, fell for djk123 on 4th street but he had to agonize over the final 3 cards bricking out, leaving him with out any chips and a 6th place finshing netting $59,375.
A few players who had stayed out of the action finally got involved as “pumped4good” fell victim to “pycb” who had started the final table as the short-stack. While most of the money went in on 4th street, the final bets go in on fifth with pycb holding 6h8hThAh5s against pumped4good’s TdTc6d2d4h. Pcyb was unable to make his flush; however, the 9s and 7d were good enough to make him a straight, and take out pumped4good whose pair of Tens never improved. A fifth place finish, $75,000, and hopefully a good night’s rest awaits him.
After some huge pots were exchanged the players went into a final break, DocHolatchya had been able to win some massive pots and opened up quite a nice chip lead.
4-handed chip counts:
1. DocHolatchya 1,433,961
2. aakkari 912,454
3. crazyjanie 544,311
4. pycb 234,274
Aakari would leave his mark on the final table, taking out pycb in 4th. Playing a round of Limit Hold’em the two players would exchange a series of bets and raises, eventually getting all of their money in on a board reading 5d5c3dAs, with pycb holding 4h4d and aakari having turned top-pair with AdQc. Most of the money had gone in PF and on the flop, wiht pycb’s last 35k or so going in on the nasty As turn card. The river would brick and pycb would go home in fourth, earning $112,500 for a long days work.
Aakari would continue to dominate during the Hold’em round and surge into the chip lead past DocHolatchya. Aakari would be the first to reach the 2 million chip mark, leaving crazyjanie and DocHolatchya seemingly battling for 2nd and 3rd.
That battle would soon be lost, and crazyjanie would bust in 3rd during the Omaha Hi/Lo round. After beeing whittled down to only a few BB’s, crazyjanie was forced to get his/her money in the middle holding 3hJsJc6s against DocHolatchya’s 4h9s6c2h. The flop fell 3d7d2d which gave DocHolatchya a low, which is good for half of the pot in this game. The turn fell the Jd, giving crazyjanie a set of jacks, he/she would only have to avoid a 5 on the river to stay alive. Unfortunately for crazyjanie that is precisely what fell, the 5c made DocHolatchya a straight and a low and elimated crazyjanie in 3rd place. The $150,000 is, however, a nice consolation prize.
Going into the HU battle aakari had a commanding chip lead of more than 3:1
1. aakkari 2,390,478
2. DocHolatchya 734,522
However, immediately as HU play began DocHolatchya went on a tear, winning 9 of the first 12 pot, giving him the chip lead by a slim margin of 1.7 million to aakari’s 1.3 million. In a long and drawn-out battle, aakari would eventually be worn down to his last 287k chips. In a round of Stud he got all of his money in on 6th street with 7c7s6h2sAhJs which was behind the KsTs9s8d4hKd of DocHolatchya. Unfortunately for the Team PokerStars member, the 4c offered no help and he was out in 2nd place, earning $200,000 for his time.


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