When it’s not all about sbobet poker…

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When CJ launched Up For sbobet Poker, it was a geat outlet for our competitive exploits. We never really thought much would come of it. It was simply a way to move the poker content off of our personal blogs.
Over, lo, these many months, CJ has invited several people to contribute here. We’ve had many a guest writer. But, as UFP gelled, it became clear that CJ, G-Rob, and I were going to be the chief writers. A collaborative blog is a great deal easier to maintain than one authored by a single, tired pinup online poker player. What’s more, it offers insights from different styles, levels, and bankrolls. Of course, try to pigeon-hole any of us, and you’ll be making a mistake.
Why do I bring it up?
Well, a few reasons.
First, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the amount of time my head is dedicated to poker. In the past, it was a pastime. Now, it is a profession. Who knew you could have a career in poker without being a professional card player? I’ve found that I have disengaged my noodle from a lot that is going on around me. That isn’t the way I like to live my life.
Second, G-Rob needs another outlet. It’s clear G-Rob has more to say than the thematic elements here allow. G-Rob has started a few personal blogs in the past, but has shut them down after a few months. Don’t ask why, because I’ve never been provided a sufficient answer.
Third, we three fish have been fighting in the same bowl for a long time and it’s not always been about poker. This will be further explained later. But, we miss it.
So, in the spirit of Up For Poker, but without all the poker, we have created a new blog for ourselves.
Now, I know, many of you are thinking, “Christ, not another damned blog.”
I know. There are too many out there as it is. But, give us a try. We may bleed hearts and spades, but we have a few diamonds in the rough as well. Clubs? I gave up clubbing years ago.
Take it for what it is.. We call it…
Really, I don’t even deserve to be here right now. Thankfully, the boys are taking care of the shop in fantastic fashion. Read CJ’s proof that WSOP poker is rigged below.
Killing some time Wednesday night while waiting for WCOOP Event #11 to finish up, I decided to play an event I really enjoy. It’s been a while since I made a final table. Felt good to actually succeed in a tournament. Thanks to CJ for the final table sweat. Also, congrats to G-Rob for making a final table in an O8 event just a hour or so after mine.


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