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Choose the right place to start:
Choose a flat surface to unfurl your canvas on.
To flatten out the canvas,(a) Use heavy books, paper weights or (b) spread it under a thick mattress overnight. The canvas will be flat and ready to use after 8-12 hours.
Caution: Do not use an iron to flatten your canvas. The heat will make the adhesive stick to the iron and you will end up melting the canvas.
Always opt for something comfortable to sit on while starting your diamond painting. The most convenient way is to use your study table. Lay down the canvas in a downright, straight position and position yourself on a comfortable chair so that your art session is not interrupted by unwanted discomfort in any way.
Flat Surface for Diamond Painting

Choose the right painting to start with:
While choosing for a painting, we always tend to go for the one that is the most complex and stunning, which is a very natural and normal reaction because we all want the best! But as a beginner, it is smart to opt for a nice canvas that is also easy to use.
Be pragmatic while choosing your canvas as a beginner. Do not choose a canvas that is extra-large or has confusing, complex or identical patterns.
Some people prefer square diamonds because they fill complete canvas and give a better look, but they need some extra care while applying as compared to round diamonds. Round diamonds are a little easier to work with Diamond Painting
We recommend you choose an easy to do, smaller size, round diamonds kit if it is your first. Here is a guide on how to choose round or square diamonds.

Easy Diamond Painting Kit
Fixing Adhesive Layer Issues:
Sometimes, the adhesive layer of the canvas comes off with the protective film when you peel it off. There is no need to worry about it. Simply cover the canvas with the protective film again and press down gently with a roller.Peel off the protective layer from the other side of the canvas, where the adhesive layer is still intact.You are ready to use your canvas!
In case the adhesive layer is dried up, one alternative is to use a diamond painting glue.
If the special diamond painting glue is not available, use clear glue. Simply pour out a small amount of glue in a disposable plate and dab a little amount of it onto the diamond that you have picked up using the wax pen. Carefully place the diamond on the canvas. On a cautionary note, this process is slow and tiresome, which is why it is highly recommended to buy a good quality kit that is new.
You can also use a thin, double-sided tape in case the adhesive on the canvas is dried up.

We recommend that you buy our special diamond painting tape that is there specifically to solve this issue.


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